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Ryan Lochte's Dog Turns 8...Three Years In A Row?

We're all aware that Ryan Lochte is not the most intelligent mind on the planet.

But did he really think his dog had discovered the secret to eternal life?!

Lochte posted a photo on October 23rd, wishing his pup Carter a happy 8th birthday. Seems pretty legit, right? But then, because Twitter is Twitter, someone did some digging and found out that Carter turned 8 last year...and the year before that.

Tell us your secret, Carter!

Just kidding...the secret is your owner is Ryan Lochte. He did end up deleting the most recent birthday wish, posting a new message wishing Carter a happy 9th birthday. But that still means he's missing a year. Either Carter is 10, or he's 7. It depends on how you look at it.

But knowing Lochte's math, Carter could be 16 and we wouldn't know.

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