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If You Don't Love Dessert, You Need Jesus - Sweet Jesus, To Be Exact.

Holy Ice Cream! People everywhere are blessing their mouth with these delicious desserts at Sweet Jesus' newest location. Last September, Canadians discovered the healing power of sugary goodness in Toronto, Ontario and they've been converting their friends ever since.

Through the power of prayer and soft serve ice cream, a new location opened up in the Market in Ottawa, Ontario on August 12 2016, and sugary blessings have been gratefully bestowed upon all who entered.

The original Sweet Jesus location in Toronto opened the gates to dessert heaven on John street in September 2015. The store is connected to La Carnita restaurant, which serves street style tacos and other saintly Mexican staples. The idea for Sweet Jesus came from their dessert menu at La Carnita which features chef designed "Paletas" (Mexican style popsicles).

Some of their signature cones include Cookies, Cookies, Cookies and Cream, Bangin Brownie and Krusty the Kone. Each location has a fixed menu of about 5 cones, plus another 3 to 5 cones that are rotated seasonally. There is always at least one dairy free option - for three more days, it's Vegan Peach. A new dairy free flavor will be announced Friday, September 2, 2016.

Many of the sauces or drizzles are made in store, fresh daily. Some of their other ingredients include marshmallows, cereals, nuts, chocolates, toffee and cookies.

Their original Toronto location is currently serving approximately 40,000 cones per month which is over 1000 L of soft serve! The Ottawa dessert bar is their fourth location with more locations to come!

These miraculous drinks and desserts are a perfect treat all year 'round  - as temperatures cool, you can wrap your hands around their holy hot chocolates. Go ahead, #BlessYourMouth.

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