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Air Force Dad Leaves 190 Hershey's 'Goodnight' Kisses For His Little Boy

Little Sean Dillenburger sure would miss his daddy, but Sean's father thought of a special way for his son to count down the days to his return.

When Major Steve Dillenburger was set to deploy to Kuwait for 190 days, he knew that he'd be missing out on their goodnight routine. So, he poured 190 Hershey's kisses into a jar for his 3-year-old son.

Every evening, the little boy would remove a goodnight kiss from the jar from his daddy.

The faithful soldier and husband also left 190 kisses for his wife and baby daughter, Ann Marie.

"What did we say when there were no more goodnight chocolate kisses?" asked Sean's mom, Mary Ellen. "Daddy is coming home!" Sean said.

On October 24, Major Dillenburger finally returned home. Although those kisses were good enough for the wait, they definitely couldn't compare to the real thing!

Watch the sweet reunion below.

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