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'Saddest Cat In The World' Finds A Reason To Smile Again

BenBen (a.k.a Benjamin Button) was once the "saddest cat on the internet," and it's clear to see why.

Just four months ago, this orange tabby was brought into the SPCA animal shelter as a stray. His poor, broken body was covered in deep cuts, he had a crushed spine and a cauliflower ear. It looked like he had been attacked by a wild animal.

The excess skin on his face gave him that heartbreaking woebegone look that made him seem permanently unhappy.

By all rights, he was the saddest cat anyone had ever seen.

According to the LoveMeow, BenBen was adopted from the shelter by a family, only to be returned once again. The reason? He needed too much medical attention. Vets determined that the saddest cat would be on pain medication for the rest of his life and that he'd probably never walk again.

They deemed him un-adoptable and scheduled him to be put down.


           Instagram photo by Ben Ben • Jul 1, 2016 at 9:55am UTC


But then, in the 11th hour, an angel stepped appeared.


BenBen had pretty much given up hope until a couple walked in with papers and arrangements to take him home. His angels had arrived and he was on his way to a forever home filled with love and kitty cuddles.

In just a few months, he went from refusing to eat, drink or move to walking, running and even jumping in a matter of months!

Fit as a fiddle!

Looks like he's got his appetite back!

Just look at him go!


He may have a little wiggly walk due to his old injuries, but that won't stop him from getting the treats!

He may have extra skin that gives him a frowny face, but all I see is a smile in those sweet, sleepy eyes.

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