Sagittarius Year Ahead 2017

Feeling restless lately, Sagittarius?

You are the fearless wanderer of the zodiac, constantly driven to achieve newer and more challenging goals for yourself. This year, you can look forward to developments that involve travel, relationships and your career.

So, buckle up! This year, your surroundings are set to change dramatically!


Wander often, wonder always    

You've still got Saturn in your sign for most of 2017, but since it's at the end of a transit, you'll start to see things turning around for you.

Most of the focus this year will be in your love of travel and change. You've been feeling the irresistible surge of wanderlust and soon you'll answer the call!

With major players making multiple transits through your personal and professional life, be prepared for new connections, movement and exploration!

Feeling Restless in Love?

As the archer of the zodiac, you can feel a little lost and confused without a clear goal or target to set your sights upon.

You've got a lot going on in your personal relationships this year, so set your sights early on what you want, then be prepared to go with the flow.


February starts of with Mars and Uranus in your love sector leading you to consider some major changes in your love life. Single Sags will be attracted to unusual and different partners  - people you wouldn't consider to be your type. It would be a good idea to keep things casual during this period, as you're feeling a little restless and still clinging to your independence.

There is potential to meet someone new on a trip or office retreat!

Committed Sags will find that they're craving more independence in their relationships and freedom to do things their own way.

Venus retrograde on March 6-April 15 will make it difficult to connect emotionally to current partners. Be wary of the old flame that suddenly returns - things ended for a good reason.


You'll need patience again when Mercury goes retrograde on April 9- May 3 in your love sector. Make extra efforts to listen and understand your partner during this time.

You'll find your groove again in May through to mid-July when Mars moves through your relationship and intimacy sectors. You'll have renewed drive and vigor to focus on commitment and solidifying emotional bonds. At this time, singles will be looking for a partner who is their equal. Paired-up Sags will want more respect and authenticity in their relationship.


Find Balance

Sometimes change doesn't come as smoothly as we'd like it to. One silver lining to all the shaking up going on in your personal life, is that there will be plenty of opportunities to grow your personal and professional networks.


Mars is in your work sector for the month of March. You'll feel invigorated and productive, so use this energy to tackle all the little tasks that you've been putting off. Network as much as possible because by the time April rolls around you'll lose momentum.

Mercury retrograde in April will affect your work sector mid-month. It retrogrades again in the second half of August, so expect a few set backs and difficulties getting projects off the ground.



Jupiter transits your hopes, dreams and friends sector until mid-October, then it moves into the subconscious sector of your chart. You'll finish the year in a more reflective mood, from mid-October to December, when Mars meets up with Jupiter. concentrating on letting go of old baggage and working through what holds you back.


If you wished for something a little more eventful than last year, Sagittarius, your dream has come true!

Be bold and follow your bliss this year Sagittarius. The changes coming this year will help you to create a life that feels great on the inside, not one that just looks great on the outside.

Good luck! Thanks for Liking and Sharing!

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