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Sainsbury's New Christmas Ad Will Make You Want To Hug Your Family

It's the battle of the British Christmas ads and the newest entry is here. After the John Lewis Christmas advertisement had us all fall in love with Buster the Boxer, now James Cordon is singing to us to try and remind us what really matters this holiday season: Spending time with your family.

The busy dad works at a toy factory, and is a little bit stressed out trying to deal with all the pressures of his daily life. All he wants is to find the perfect gift for his family, but he realizes that all they want is him. He heads back to the toy factory and makes a bunch of toys that can take over for him at work, so he can head home and spend time with his loved ones.

He has to deal with delayed trains, people paying one penny at a time, and getting home long after his family is asleep. He also has an unfortunate incident with his boss dancing a little too close while he is trying to finish up his work.

You definitely feel bad for this poor guy, but at least he was able to find a solution! He makes a bunch toys and apparently his bosses don't care that he has suddenly turned into a bobble head or a monkey. He obviously contributes quite a lot to the workplace!

Watch the sweet ad below and remember to spend time with your family this holiday season!

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