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Woman Getting Eyelashes Done Says Salon Glued Her Eyes Shut

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Doing your makeup is never an easy process, especially if there are many steps to get yourself looking exactly the way you want. Between your eyeliner, your foundation, contouring, and whatever beauty trend is huge on Instagram and Pinterest that you've decided to try out, it can be a pretty time-consuming part of your day.

Some women love doing it, but for others it's an absolute pain, one that they couldn't want anything less to do with. As a result, there are tons of salons in just about every area that have deals for any kind of beauty procedure you could possibly think of, whether it's makeup, or mani/pedis, you name it! Of course, that does entail having to trust a total stranger with your appearance, and there's plenty of understandable reasons for people to be wary of that.

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Well, Monica Reed of Crofton, Maryland clearly had no issue going to a salon to get eye extensions, but she definitely changed her tone once the salon botched the extensions so badly that she couldn't see...

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