28 Year Later, Salvador Dali Is Being Dug Up For A Paternity Test

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A Spanish woman, born in 1956, is claiming that her mother had a love affair with painter Salvador Dali in 1955, and that she is the rightful heir to his fortune.

The judge stated there were no biological remains or personal objects that can be used to test the DNA, so his body will have to be exhumed to conclude the case.

The surrealist painter was buried in the theater and museum that he designed himself in his home town of Figueres. He is buried under the stage of the old theater which now has become a popular tourist attraction, with 1.3 million visitors in 2015.

Salvador Dali died of heart failure in Spain in 1989 at the age of 85 years old.

Known for his contribution and influence of Renaissance masters, his work The Persistence of Memory was completed in August 1931.

Dali's extensive artistic portfolio also included work in film, sculpture and photography.

He was very highly imaginative and indulged in unusual behavior that often drew more attention than his artwork.

There has been much debate over the sexuality of the eccentric artist who has paintings of naked women being pierced by chests of drawers and watches melting in the sun.

He once even paraded an anteater on a lead and almost suffocated while walking around in a bronze diving helmet.

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