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Santa Gets His Pilot's License In This Cute Holiday Video

As you probably know, in a few days Santa Claus will be flying all around the world to deliver presents to every good boy and girl. But apparently, some countries are stricter about the whole "magical flying sleigh" thing than others.

In this video from Canada's transportation bureau, Santa gets put through his paces, taking all the tests and completing all the requirements a regular Canadian pilot would need to.

If you're wondering why Canadians are stricter about flying sleigh licenses that pretty much every other country, you're not alone. As you'll see, people have a lot of questions about this funny little video.

Things start out pretty reasonably with Santa taking a test, but you have to wonder how Santa remembers the address of every kid in the world when he has to count on his fingers. Then, we're a little concerned about Santa's vision test:

Twitter user Dan Lytwyn has his own questions about Santa's "20/20 vision."

Later on, Santa sits down to discuss his results with Canada's Minister of Transport and real life astronaut Marc Garneau to discuss his test results. The less said about Saint Nick's dodgy urine sample the better, but it is impressive that Santa's sugar levels are only "a little bit high."

Santa eats billions of cookies each year! We need to steal his weight loss secret. Garneau ends the video with some good advice for Santa (and everyone else), telling him to keep off his phone when he's driving.

All in all it's a little silly, but Canadians seem impressed with the exacting safety standards their country requires, even for magical vehicles.


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