Say Goodbye To Wine Hangovers Thanks To This "Magic" Wand

If you don't believe in magic, you will after this!

Okay, so maybe it is more science than magic but don't you agree that there is something a little bit magical about drinking wine and waking up without a hangover?

Yup, that's right, you can soon enjoy a glass or ten (who's counting anyway?) without the painful side effects thanks to The Wand by PureWine.

The Wand is the genius creation of David and Derek Meadows, a father-son scientific duo from Texas who believe that wine should be enjoyed without next-day regret.


They designed it to help curb headaches, congestions, and other unfavorable side effects by reducing histamines and sulfite preservatives in your glass of wine. The little gadget works by using nano-pore resin technology in a BPA-free plastic pouch to filter hangover inducing agents. The Wand also enhances the wine's flavour because it acts as a rapid aerator.

All you have to do is place it in a glass of red or white wine then swirl and soak for a minimum of 3 minutes before you sip away. According to the Pure Wine website, about 95% of sulfites and histamines are removed after 8 minutes!


If you're looking to get your hands on one, it'll only set you back $2! However, it is not recommended that you reuse The Wand repeatedly because it reduces the filter's effectiveness. If you're a multiple glasses kind of person, you can purchase an 8-pack for $17.99 or a box of 24 for $47.99 here.

But seriously, is anyone else wondering why it took this long before someone came up with this contraption even though humans have been getting the deadly wine hangover for as long as we can remember? *sips wine*


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