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Say What You Will About Barbie, This Advertisement Gets It Right.

Barbie is a toy that has been played with and loved by millions of little girls and boys from all around the world. But, she is also a toy that has long faced controversy. It's taken almost 60 years for the once disproportionate, blonde Barbie to reflect the actual form and figures of the little people that play with her.

Parents and educators began to question the value of Barbie as a toy, often stating that Barbie's unnatural figure was the cause of body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders on the rise in Western society.

After much trial and error, finally, Barbie has it.

Earlier this year, Barbie got real. Finally, Mattel stepped it up and gave Barbie the makeover we all deserve - she comes in curvy, tall and petite; with seven new skin colors and 22 eye colors.

Not only that, but advertising actually touches on the real way kids play. Sure, little girls are still marrying their dolls to each other, but they're also imitating real-life through play: imagining themselves as doctors, teachers, adventurers and heroes. If you had Barbies as a kid, that's likely what you did too.

Check out the advertisements from 2015 compared to 2016.

For more on the creation of the new Barbie, check out TIME magazines interview with the creative team on Project Dawn.

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