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School Districts Warn Parents That Flutes Handed Out By Their Schools Could Be Contaminated With Semen

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Mandatory music programs are often a great asset to any school. In theory, they teach children valuable skills in reading and performing music, and give them a new appreciation for music as an art form.

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However, music programs can also be some of the most stressful parts of school, both on students and on the teachers. The students have to learn to read music from the ground up, which is no simple task, especially if it's not something they take to right away. Even if they have an easier time understanding it than some, there's the endless hours of practicing they have to do to actually learn to play the instrument well.


In some ways the music teachers have it even worse. They're stuck trying to teach skills that some people spend literal decades trying to master to a group of a few dozen students who probably don't even care a little bit, and that's before you get into actually having to correct their playing. Have you ever heard 30+ people all loudly playing the wrong note? It's pretty unbearable.

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Apparently one music teacher in California finally had enough, because they're now under investigation for giving kids instruments with some pretty disgusting surprises.

The details are pretty disturbing...

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