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Science Thinks It Found The Perfect Age To Get Married

If you want your marriage to last, there is apparently a perfect age to ensure you won't get divorced. Science can't predict everything though, so if the magic number isn't the one you got married at or if you are past it there is no need to panic! A new study done at the University of Utah is claiming that the perfect age to get married is between 28 and 32. It has been referred to as the "Goldilocks Theory of Marriage" - not too young and not too old.


The thought that there is a "sweet spot" is apparently fairly recent as during the mid 90s divorce rates would get lower the older you got.

Now, the rates for divorce increase again after the age of 32. For each year after 32 the divorce rate reportedly goes up by 5%.

Although data differs for each survey because of different collection techniques and because of the growing number of common-law relationships that don't have the official title of "marriage". For example, another survey shows how with a different collection technique they were able to pin-point the range of 45-49 as the best age to get married to avoid divorce.

With all the varying studies which one should you trust? Probably none of them. There is new data coming out all the time and no scientific study is going to know your personal life with any kind of accuracy. So, take these studies for what they are: A sociological study of the human condition - not a how-to guide on the perfect marriage.

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