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Reggae And Soft Rock - Research Reveals Your Dog's Favorite Music

Do you leave the radio on for your dog when you're out of the house? If you do, you'll probably want to avoid your local pop station, because your dog is more of a Fleetwood Mac fan.

Yes, researchers at the University of Glasgow say they know which bands dogs like to listen to the most. They say that while dogs - like human - each have different taste in music, there are some bands with lots of four-legged fans.

Bob Marley and other reggae bands, as well as soft-rock acts like Fleetwood Mac and Foreigner, were all proven to help relax dogs.

The researchers worked with Scotland's Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) so they would have lots of dogs to test their tunes on. They took saliva samples, measured dogs' heart rates, and watched how they behaved to measure their stress levels.

Dogs were more likely to stand around barking all day when they had no music to listen to, or music they didn't like. The same scientists found that classical music helps dogs calm down in 2015, so if your dog barks maybe they're asking for a little Bach.

Music was so effective at calming the dogs down, the Scottish SPCA says that all of their kennels will invest in sound systems to keep their dogs feeling calm.

There are plans to follow up this research with studies about other kinds of pets, so soon we'll know what songs to play for a cranky cat.

Do you play songs for you dog? What do they like to listen to? Share this post and let us know!

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