Scorpio: Your Year Ahead 2017

Scorpio, it's no surprise that you've had more challenges than most in previous years. But, that hasn't stopped you from rising above it all and positioning yourself for an amazing year in 2017!

As a water sign, you are highly intuitive and emotional. This means you require stability to really grow into your beautiful, truest self. Well, this year, 2017 has plenty of stability to support you through the final stages of your transformation.

If you've seen our yearly predictions video, you know that you've got some pretty fabulous developments coming ahead of you in the next 12 months.

Wind At Your Back

Lucky Jupiter moves into your sign on October 11 and will stay there for 13 months! Get ready to be the star of the show and watch as the doors of opportunity practically swing open for you at every turn.

Take full advantage of what's to come by planning now because, with Jupiter shining down on you, there'll be plenty of dazzling opportunities both personal and professional.

So what is it you want more of? More love? Money? Health? Sex? (Probably sex. Oh Scorpio… )


Spotlight on Love

Buckle-up because this promises to be a wild and unforgettable year in the love department!

Mars joins Neptune into your love sector in January, so focus on bringing more love into your life this month - take some chances if you're single. If you're attached, find sweet little ways to woo your partner.

Be mindful that Neptune is notorious for bringing a dreamy, sometimes naive, spirit in relationship situations, so keep your eyes open.


Venus goes retrograde from March 6 to April 15, so you'll want to take off those rose-colored glasses and look at your love with as clear an eye as you can.

Another possibility is the return of an old flame during this period. You may reconnect with a former love and the two of you could decide to give it a second shot. Like I said earlier, keep your eyes open: an ex is an ex for a reason.

... and Career

Also, this year, you are primed to shine at your workplace. If you felt unappreciated last year, you will be near impossible to ignore in 2017. Your efforts could get you some major recognition, new job opportunities, new partnerships, a possible promotion or a raise!


The eclipse on February 10th will bring some major changes to your career - so pay attention to new developments at the office.

You've also got Mars hanging out with Uranus in your work sector this month, so get ready to be super productive on all the new projects coming down the pipes. You'll have plenty of energy and your work ethic will be heroic.

Note the solar eclipse in this area of your chart on August 21. With Mars in your career sector this month, you'll crush your goals and set new ones!


With all this success in both your love and work life, beware of miscommunication, jealousy and envy from others. Be careful of bad advice disguised as good advice from people with bad intentions.

As always, don't let success get to your head! Try to avoid overreacting to perceived threats and keep your cool.  

You've got this, Scorpio! This is YOUR year!


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