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'Sea Monster' Blown In During Hurricane

After a category 4 hurricane barreled through Bermuda, it left a couple surprises in the ocean.

During a fishing trip, the Sanctuary Marine Bermuda charter was fishing for snapper when they came across something a little bigger.

Lobster, anyone?

Fishermen reeled in a 14lb mammoth lobster, totally by accident. The size of the thing is ridiculous. It looks like something out of a science fiction movie. And definitely not something we would want to encounter face-to-face.

Honestly it looks like a giant cockroach and makes my skin crawl, but it's pretty neat, considering an average lobster weighs about 3lbs!

The Sanctuary Marine Bermuda let the lobster go free after removing the hook from its leg. Luckily, they had a GoPro camera handy and were able to catch some awesome footage of the creature before releasing it back into the ocean.

Anyone else suddenly craving cheddar biscuits...?

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