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See If Your Marriage Could Pass This Test From The 1930s

Things have changed a lot since our grandparents' time, especially when it comes to love and marriage. This test written by psychologist George Crane shows just how different things used to be, so don't expect to pass unless you have some very odd skills.

The test works like this: add a point for every good quality on the right, and a take a point away for every bad quality on the left. Ignore the numbers at the top of the page, because this is just a sample of the full quiz. Some really bad qualities are worth more points. Men who compare their wife "unfavorably with his mother or other wives" will lose 5 points.

Dr. Crane must mean "other people's wives," or else this test would be a lot more complicated.

Ladies who don't play an instrument or who like to paint their nails red will have a tough time, and watch out if you put your cold feet on your husband's! Take the quiz yourself and see what Dr. Crane thinks of your marriage.


Husband's Test

Wife's Test

So what did you score? On this section of the quiz, a husband with all the merits and no demertis will score 32 points, and a wife with all the merits and no demerits will have 25 points.

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