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These Very Cool Buildings In China Are Made Of Something Surprising

If you're looking for the perfect winter getaway, consider skipping the sunny beaches this year and head to Harbin in north-eastern China instead.

The city is nestled close to the Russian border, so they're used to some pretty harsh winters. They make the best of things by taking blocks of ice from the nearby Harbin river and using them to build a real winter wonderland.

This year will be the 33rd annual Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival, and as you can see over the years they've definitely learned a few tricks to build massive sculptures entirely out of ice.

Every attraction at the festival, including these enormous model skyscrapers, are hand-carved out of ice. Just take a look at these incredible scenes, it's no wonder people from around the word come to see this festival every year.

The festival grounds are 750,000 square meters, which means there are more than 140 football fields worth of sculptures, activities, and attractions to enjoy.

Building these huge sculptures takes more than a few ice cubes. The festival uses more than 180,000 cubic metres of ice each year, and over 150,000 cubic metres of snow.

There's even a beautiful skating rink (look closely, even the walls are ice) and slides made of ice.

There's also a snow sculpture competition, that draws competitors from around the world.

We're not sure about Santa's team of dragons, but we'll leave that up to the sculptor.

If you're dying to see these works of art up close, the festival runs until February (or sooner if the weather warms up) so book your tickets now!

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