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See The Incredible "Fairy Castle" A Hollywood Star Spent Her Fortune To Build

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Today, even movie buffs might not recognize the name Colleen Moore, but during the 20s and 30s she was one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Starting her acting career at age 15, Moore rubbed elbows with stars of Hollywood's golden age, including Tom Mix and D.W. Griffith. Her bob hairdo helped to popularize the "flapper" style, and she made a small fortune from her films.

But oddly, these days Moore isn't best-known for her acting. Most of her biggest films have been lost to time, while another one of her creations has been carefully preserved.

If you visit Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, you can visit Moore's luxury mansion - but don't expect to take a tour.

Moore's Fairy Castle.MSI
The dollhouse took 7 years to build.MSI

Moore's one of a kind dollhouse, sometimes called the "Fairy Castle" is a mini-mansion that every little girls would dream of owning. Even Barbie's Dream House can't measure up to this 9 square foot luxury home, which features over 1,500 pieces of miniature furniture.

Even the garden is exquisitely modeled.MSI

The model took 7 years to build, along with the help of more than 100 artists and Hollywood set designer Harold Grieve. It looks exquisite, and it should - it cost $50,000 to build when it was made in the 20s and 30s, which is equivalent to $7 million in today's money.

But a few special pieces mean this home is worth every penny.

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