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Senior Cat Lost In Australia Reunites With His Mom In Ireland

George the orange cat and Fiona, his lovely owner, had been the best of friends for 11 years. They lived in Sydney, Australia and only knew love for each other.

Unfortunately, in March of 2016, Fiona fell ill and had to go back home to Ireland. She was unable to take George with her, and chose to leave him with a neighbor. The plan was to return to Sydney as soon as possible and get George back, but health issues made that difficult and Fiona had to stay in Ireland longer than she thought.

She figured George was doing alright, despite missing his best friend. At least Fiona knew he was being fed and sheltered. Or so she thought.

"A couple of months ago, [Fiona's] neighbors moved away and left poor George to fend for himself," Sara Daly, a friend of Fiona's said. It's unclear whether he was dumped by the neighbors or had escaped the home before they moved, but George was left to fend for himself.

The senior cat was later found 12 miles away from the neighborhood. It's unknown how long he was out by himself or how he survived, but he was lucky to be picked up by some kind strangers who brought him to a shelter. George was microchipped, thankfully, so Fiona was notified when he was dropped off at the shelter.

Fiona knew she needed to get George back, but she wasn't going to be able to come up with the money needed to fly him to Ireland before he was put up for adoption. That's when Fiona's friends got involved.

Sara Daly and Cait Commins started a GoFundMe page to help spread the word and raise money to get George and Fiona reunited. They spoke to the shelter to ask for an extension and they got it. It took four weeks, but people rallied together and raised enough money to get George a flight!

"He was very poorly; he had been fending for himself for a long time," Cahill said. "The animal hospital took great care of him though and when he got home, he was in top condition. We were amazed."

When Fiona and George were reunited, you could tell just how much they missed each other.

George recognized Fiona immediately and was so happy to see his friend again.

Any money left over from the GoFundMe campaign was donated to Galway Cat Rescue.

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