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Senior Golden Retriever Conquers Anxiety Thanks To The Love Of Her Kitty Friend, Pete

Sometimes it takes a special someone to change our lives for the better.

In the case of this beautiful, senior Golden Retriever and her family, that's exactly what happened when they introduced Pete to the family.

Now, no one can imagine life without him! Here's their story:

This is Lucy.

Lucy is a 10-year-old Golden Retriever with severe separation anxiety. Whenever her dad, Joe, pulls out the suitcase for his business trips, Lucy falls apart.

Her family tried everything to console her, but Lucy would just cry and lie in bed all day until Joe came home.

Joe and his wife Lindsey Getz couldn't console poor Lucy and they were running out of ideas. Since their two kids, ages 3 and 6, had been bugging them for another pet, the couple thought it couldn't hurt to try.

Meet Pete:

Pete was a stray who had been picked up in Kentucky and was transferred to Forever Home Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania.

The shelter described Pete as a laid-back kitty, who was pretty easygoing. Although he was a little timid at first, he made himself at home within days.

What they didn't expect was the special impact Pete would have on Lucy:

"I remember we got him in the morning and that night he laid on the couch with Lucy, which we couldn't believe," Getz told The Dodo. "He was willing to hang out with a dog, and I don't know if he'd ever seen a dog before. Pete was grooming Lucy's paws a couple days after we got him."

Lucy and Pete do everything together:

Lucy even brings out her toys to show to Pete. Getz says she hasn't done this for anyone in years!

Are you crying yet?

The best part? Lucy's pretty much cured of her separation anxiety!

Best Friends Forever <3

Click here to donate to Forever Home Animal Rescue. Visit their website for more adoptable dogs and cats!

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