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September is Happy Cat Month! Here are 10 Cats You Need To Follow Right Now

The CATalyst Council is a coalition of veterinarians and animal-welfare nonprofit groups that have given us a wonderful treat, and that is Happy Cat Month. Each week of September, the Council will post onto their Facebook Page tips for cat-care and pictures of loving cats. They are hoping to put a stop to the rumors that cats aren't as lovable as dogs because they tend to be a little bit aloof. But just because these feline friends don't show their love as enthusiastically doesn't mean they don't need attention too!

In celebration of this wonderful month, here is 10 cats that you should follow to help you celebrate Happy Cat Month.

Turn up your volume

This little t-rex was born without front legs, but it has in no way stopped this little lady from having a happy little life and bringing everyone so much joy.


So you think only dogs like to play with toys?

Pepper is just the most excited little friend. It is too much

A True Princess


           Instagram photo by Jackie • Jun 22, 2016 at 5:18pm UTC


Princess Monster Truck not only has the best name ever, she also has some seriously interesting dental issues. Rescued in New York she is living the fancy life now complete with Princess Monster Truck Merchandise.

Could he bee any cuter?

Snoopy here already has 340k followers and it is pretty obvious why. Those big eyes and sweet face just is so cute it hurts.

Hi there Blue Eyes!

Nala was a rescue who has such big, ridiculously gorgeous blue eyes that they make her look like a cartoon from a Disney movie.


Who ever thought that cats don't like to be around people was clearly doing something wrong...

All over Roku the Cat's Instagram, Roku can be found "helping" his humans with their work.

The simple things in life keep them happy

Cats don't need big fancy toys, not even when they have very classy mustaches on their fluffy little faces.

Even cats like to celebrate their birthdays!

Lil Bub is just so full of joy that his tongue won't stay in his mouth.

Wide Eyed and Bushy Tailed

MeeRaf is an adorable little gentleman whose big eyes always look like he is really into whatever is happening.

Even cats believe in Unicorns!

Duffy shares his instagram with Fergie who is just as adorable. They make quite a cute couple!

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