"Shaman" Mistaken For Bigfoot In North Carolina

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BBC News

In early August, there were multiple calls made about a potential "Bigfoot" traipsing through the hills of the Appalachian mountains at night. Sightings of Bigfoot, or the Sasquatch as the creature is also referred to, are not uncommon and have been taking place for decades. But what isn't common, is for a man to come forward saying it was a situation of mistaken identity.

Gawain MacGregor wearing his fur suit. BBC News

Gawain MacGregor is from the region, and admitted to being the "creature" that was seen by the Bigfoot 911, a Bigfoot spotting club. He says we was dressed in his suit made from raccoon skins performing a "shamanic" ritual, when members of the public caught sight of him on the night of August 4th.

He says that he puts on animal skins and wanders through the forest as a form of sacrament. Even though Mr. MacGregor has admitted to being the "creature" that was seen that night, members of Bigfoot 911 are adamant that what they saw was not a man dressed in fur, but the real creature.  

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