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Shannen Doherty Shares the Many Faces of Cancer

After being diagnosed in 2015, Shannen Doherty has been incredibly open about her fight against cancer. She has been using her Instagram to share her journey, from shaving her head to touching family photos. It is really powerful to see the images she is sharing, her newest set taken during her chemotherapy treatment. She is helping to express what a day in treatment is really like.

Her loving husband sits with her during her treatment, and shows that while cancer really does suck, it sucks a little bit less when you have a solid support team right there with you. She has been very vocal about her gratitude to her support system, including her husband, mother, and friends, letting them know that she is happy they are there for her.

Doherty shared this image of what she calls "The Red Devil" being injected into her chest, which is so heartbreaking and real. It really shows how brave she is being. You can see that she looks terrified, but sharing the photo will hopefully help others fighting cancer see they are not alone. These pictures show people what it really is like to go through cancer, and will maybe motivate some to donate to research efforts when they can.

Even brave girls sometimes just want to hide, but she is one tough girl and she isn't going to let this keep her down for long. Stay strong and keep fighting Shannen!

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