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'Unadoptable' Cat Reveals His Secret Talent After He Finally Finds A Home

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Jingee is a 12 year old cat who was found outside of the Toronto Human Society back in May. The shelter took him in and he's been looking for a forever home ever since.

Jingee has no tail and no teeth, making him rather undesirable to families looking to adopt. He also has FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) which can turn a lot of people away.

The Human Society has been looking for a home for Jingee since may, sending out a video on Facebook to try and find someone to love this cat.

Toronto resident, Hayley Greenberg, saw the video on Facebook and knew she had to have him.

"We had just put our last cat down and needed a new friend in our family. I saw Jingee on the Facebook page as a cat in desperate need of love and a home. He was old and sick and deserved a chance to live out his golden years in a home filled with love. He was considered "unadoptable" but I couldn't just leave him there. I knew I would be taking on future medical costs, but it was worth it to give him a new life."

Hayley went to see Jingee with her daughter, Lily, who immediately fell in love with him. They adopted Jingee that night.

After having Jingee for 2 weeks, Hayley heard what she thought was running water in the middle of the night. She ignored it, but after hearing the sound a few more nights she decided to go see what it was.

She definitely wasn't expecting this...

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