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She Billed Her Friend Almost $400 Because Her Daughter's Boots Got Dirty

Sarah Bryan is a fashion designer from England who obviously has expensive taste.

On Wednesday, Bryan sent her daughter Isabella to a friend's house to play.

When she came home, Bryan discovered Isabella's Italian, designer boots were scuffed and marked with a Sharpie, Bryan billed her friend Nicola  £325 (around $400 U.S.) to replace them.

"If your child comes back with scratches on their body you'd be like 'what's happened?'" Bryan told The Sun. "It's the same with her shoes." She also says that the boots were not to be worn outside, and Isabella was carrying a bag with an extra pair of shoes with her.

Here are the boots the complaint is about:

These pictures show the Sharpie mark and the scuffs that Bryan is complaining about:

According to Bryan, Isabella is a model, and she needs the shoes for work because they match her outfits. Although, she also says she's bought at least 60 pairs of designer shoes for Isabella, so maybe she could just wear one of those instead.

"Nicola was in charge and she was looking after my child," Bryan says, "so she's responsible for the damage."

Bryan's complaint.

For her part, Nicola is refusing to pay a cent, and calls the complaint "a pile of nonsense."

"I don't know what [Bryan's] problem is to be honest." she says. "Kids are kids, they get messy, they ruin things, that's life."

What do you think? Should Nicola have to pay for the boots?

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