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She Devoted Her Life To Rescuing Street Dogs

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Tamera Johnson / The Dodo

Moving to Songkhla, Thailand from Australia, Tamera Johnson discovered an unexpected passion when she pursued a career to teach English.

It all started with Bella, a tiny 4-week-old puppy who she discovered hanging around a roadside temple.

“She would likely have been killed by a car had she stayed there,” Johnston told The Dodo. “If not killed by a car, she would have soon been sick due to disease such as parvo, distemper, blood parasites or mange — this is very common here.”

It was clear that Bella didn't have a mom or anyone to care for her, so Johnston scooped her up and took her home with her. She ended up adopting the little puppy and giving her a forever home.

The experience opened Johnston's eyes for the dogs in need in Thailand. She noticed dogs starving, sick and neglected on the streets of her new hometown. Everywhere she looked, she saw a dog who needed her help.

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