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She Gives Birth In Her Car, Then The Hospital Charges Her $7,000 USD For A Service She Didn't Even Use

You may remember when this father had to pay for skin-to-skin contact after his son was born. Well, American hospitals are at it again, this time a family in Florida received a bill for a service they didn't even use!

Paula D'Amore and her husband budgeted for the birth of their daughter, they knew they would have to pay thousands of dollars to the hospital for the delivery, which is a fact of life for most American families.

But, the Florida family wasn't expecting for their little bundle of joy to arrive so suddenly. In April, the couple rushed to the hospital, but by the time they arrived, their little girl was already on her way out into the world.

Little baby Daniella was born in the fire lane of Boca Raton Regional Hospital's parking lot. Paula's husband had just enough time to open the door and catch his daughter, as nurses ran out to help with the rest of the delivery.

Seven months later, the family received a shocking surprise. The hospital billed them over $7,000 - the delivery room fee. She and her husband were surprised that they were charged for so much, considering they never even made it INTO the delivery room.

They will pay the bill, but they're asking the hospital for an adjustment to the outrageous fee.

Watch WPTV/CNN's coverage of the story below. Do you think that the couple should have been charged for a service they didn't even use?

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