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She Shared One Final, Tender Moment With Her Terminally Ill Mother Just Days Before Her Death

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It should have been the happiest time of her life, but Taylor Masilotti could only wipe away tears as the technician showed her the image of her unborn baby on the ultrasound screen.

Beside her, Taylor's mom looked into her daughter's eyes and patted her cheek. In a single moment, a deep understanding came to Taylor. "I just looked at her and everything kind of flashed," she said. "It hit me more that she wouldn't be there."

Taylor's mother was terminally ill, battling Stage 4 brain and lung cancer, they both knew that she didn't have much time left. Her mother had been sick for some time and was now being cared for at Longmont United Hospital in Westminster, Colorado. Taylor wanted to share every moment they had left together, so they arranged for an ultrasound machine to be brought to her mother's room.

"I kind of thought, 'How am I going to do this?'" Masilotti said. "I couldn't picture myself going through this without her."

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