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She's Made Sure These Unwanted Animals All Get Home For The 'Pawlidays'

The Sacramento Front Street Animal Shelter is hosting it's "Home for the Pawlidays" event until Dec. 31, 2016 and locals are encouraged to adopt a pet in need of their forever home before the new year rings in.

Aware that one of the biggest obstacles to adoption is the cost, local real estate agent, Kim Pacini-Hauch has donated enough money to cover ALL adoptions between November 16 to December 31!

Soon after the shelter posted the offer, more than 2 million people have seen and shared the post. When the shelter opened at noon the next day, more than 250 people were lined up. Amazingly, by mid afternoon, all of the cats had been adopted!

Adoptions usually cost $85 USD for dogs and $65 for cats, but thanks to Kim, they're free until December 31!

Why did she do it? Kim says that she adopted her dog Teddy in 1984 from the Front Street shelter. "I loved him with every inch of my being and have missed him greatly," Pacini-Hauch wrote on her website.

Before they go home, the pets are spayed/eutered and inoculated against common diseases. They are also given a pet tag and a city license.

If you're worried about missing out, there are plenty of animals that need a forever home and plenty more kitties will be brought into the shelter from their foster homes. According to Bobby Mann, a spokesperson for the organization, the shelter takes in about 11,000 unwanted animals each year.

Visit the website here for more information about adoption and animals that are available! The shelter is open from noon to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday to Friday and from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.  

Help these pets find their furrever home before the 'Pawlidays' end!

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