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She Refuses To Believe Doctor Who Tells Her She's 5 Months Pregnant

When Ashlee's stomach began to balloon in size, she did some research before consulting with her family doctor.

She was absolutely certain that she wasn't pregnant, but instead was carrying a growing fibroid tumor in her uterus. A fibroid tumor is an abnormal growth that develops in or on a woman's uterus. It can cause severe abdominal pain and heavy periods, some have no signs or symptoms at all.

The first doctor that Ashlee visited told her that she was probably five months pregnant. So, she sought a second opinion.

After a thorough examination, she was told that the massive bump was a gigantic 3 pound fibroid tumor! Her first doctor had also been correct - she was pregnant!

Instead of five months, she was five weeks pregnant and her tiny baby would have to share space with the growing tumor. Although it posed no danger to her son, it could still be quite uncomfortable for Ashlee.

Hear her incredible story and see what happens next!

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