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She Stunned The World With Her Amazing Voice, 8 Years Later She's Better Than Ever

Little Kaitlyn Maher gave us all goosebumps when she hit the stage on America's Got Talent.

Her adorable rendition of "Somewhere Out There" was not only cute, but it was actually really good. She kept in the key and on beat. For a four year old, she was talented beyond her years.

Her audition went viral almost immediately in 2008, and Kaitlyn herself reached the top 10 that season.

After her talents were uncovered, Kaitlyn Maher was signed to a record deal in 2009 and picked up a few acting roles for Disney along the way.

After her burst into the entertainment scene, Kaitlyn flew under the radar for a while. It made sense, of course. She was a young girl at the time and was probably still learning how to tie her shoe laces.

But now, 8 years later, Kaitlyn is coming back into the spotlight. The 12-year-old is making waves with her cover of Carrie Underwood's "Something In The Water" which she posted on YouTube.

Her voice has grown so much! Yet somehow, she's still that sweet little girl America fell in love with. Take a look!

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