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She Thought It Was Intense IBS That Had Her Rushing To Toilet 12 Times A Day, But It Was Much Worse

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Charmaine Chantler was practically confined to her home by the intense pain and chronic diarrhea that had her rushing to the washroom up to 12 times a day. The thirty-year-old could do nothing as her weight dropped dramatically to just 100 lbs.

She believed that her digestive troubles were caused by irritable bowel syndrome, a widespread condition often associated with stress, anxiety, depression or a previous intestinal infection. The chronic syndrome commonly causes cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation.

When Charmaine went to her doctor with her concerns the first time, she was diagnosed with IBS - likely a result of the glandular fever she had experienced months before. But the actual cause of her discomfort was more uncommon and much worse.

When the 30 year-old went out with friends, she would position herself near the ladies' washroom in restaurants, and once ran out of the movie theater because of her stomach troubles.

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