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She Thought It Was Kidney Stones - Turns Out She Was In Labor

Could you imagine going to the hospital expecting to come out with antibiotics or pain killers but ending up carrying out a baby? Stephanie Jaegers started experiencing lower back pain and abdominal cramps, so she got her husband Michael to take her to the hospital. The first thing the doctors asked was "are you pregnant" which she replied with all confidence that she was not. However a quick ultrasound proved that she was not only was she pregnant, but she was 38 weeks along and in labor.

You may be asking how could she not know she was pregnant, but there are a few different factors that led up to this. A while ago Stephanie was diagnosed with "pre-menopause" which would cause a similar range of hormone imbalances to pregnancy. Baby Shaun was also in the breech position, so he never really moved around. Stephanie continue to have a regular menstrual cycle and had been off her feet towards the end of her unknown pregnancy due to an unrelated ankle injury.

The father of this surprise baby shared the story on Facebook and explained how they hadn't known about their new baby boy. He is understandably experiencing a range of emotions. He started his day by being concerned for his wife's health and researching kidney stones to 12 hours later finding out he was going to have another child. The couple has two other children who were offering to help as much as they can with the new baby.

People shared their similar experiences in the comments, including others who were diagnosed with per-menopause and then ended up pregnant.

Mom and baby are doing well and I think everyone can agree that baby Shaun is the cutest little kidney stone anyone every had!

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