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Woman Arrested For Using Government Funds To Buy Her Dog A Tuxedo

Some people will do anything for their dogs, and this woman is no exception. Kristi Lyn Goss, a former administrative assistant, has been accused of fraudulent use of her Arkansas county employee credit card for a lot of items, including a tuxedo costume for her pug. As cute as a pug in a tux is, that really isn't a good enough excuse to steal city funds.

She has been arrested on six felony counts of fraudulent credit card use for spending between $160, 000 and $200, 000 on personal items that she pretended were business expenses.

The card was used 3722 times between December 2011 and May 2016, with $70,523 already confirmed as personal purchased and another $92,074 under investigation.

Her dog wasn't the only thing she splurged on. The personal purchased listed include:

  • $4,400 of electrical bills
  • $4,900 worth of cellphone bills
  • $975 of Arkansas Razorback tickets
  • $1200 worth of car payments
  • $1895 of her personal real estate taxes
  • $1850 worth of hotel gift cards
  • $130 diamond bracelet
  • $85 sequin pillows

Her employer made the mistake of trusting Goss too much because of her 11 year employment history, and didn't question the invoices she gave even when the numbers didn't add up right.

No word on how much that pug-tuxedo cost. They do know that she purchased the tux at the same time her children were attending the prom, so it makes total sense. All your babies need to be dressed up for photos!

I doubt she thinks that picture was worth it now...

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