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Mom Bares All In Front Of Her Young Son, But Wonders If She Should Stop.

It's a fact of life, kids just like to be naked. From the moment they figure out how to remove their diaper, they're stripping down and gleefully running nudie throughout the house.

Anyone with young children knows that they'll walk in on you during the most awkward moments - the bathroom while you're trying to have a shower, or sitting on the toilet,  the bedroom while you're getting dressed.


But at what age do you stop being naked in front of your kids?

A Reddit user asked her community that very question:

"Basically, we're a very open family. We are often in nothing but our undies hanging out at home." Writes afatassmamas, "it was important to me for my children to feel comfortable enough to be nudie if they wanted to."

"I don't hide when I change and it's important that that he knows all women look different and not to make anyone he's with in the future feel bad/uncomfortable/weird about their appearance."

Society draws a fine line between what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to child caring. It is every parent's fear that they might do something wrong, and recent laws in some states have many parents questioning what's best.

Most users agreed - stop when your child expresses discomfort with nudity and asks for privacy when they change.

What do you think? Do you agree with these moms and dads? How old should a child be when a parent should consider covering up?

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