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She Had A Feeling About Her Pregnancy, So She Asked Her Husband To Record The Ultrasound

It doesn't matter if it is your first, or your fifth, every baby is a miracle and each ultrasound captures that astonishing moment when you both realize that you have created another person.

The day before her ultrasound, Monica Price and her husband were talking about the possibilities. How would this new baby change their family, how ready they were to see him or her and ... just speculation, but what if there was more than one?

For Monica, something about this pregnancy seemed different from the last. They say that your experience with each baby is unique, but this one just felt like there was, well, more.

As the technician scans her stomach, she gasps and Monica bursts into tears. Daddy pans down to their firstborn, Maya and says to her with disbelief..."daddy's in trouble!"

Watch this awesome family moment when the couple realizes that they were right - they're having twins!

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