She Was Arrested For Something Heinous, So Why Is She Smiling?

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People are mad at Sarah Fowlkes after her mugshot surfaced online...looking a little more like a smug shot.

So what could her crime be? A drunken night out with a bachelorette party? Maybe she was protesting something she truly believed in, so she's okay with the consequences?

Both of those would be better than the truth.

Fowlkes is facing up to 20 years in prison after being arrested on suspicion of sexual activity with a student.

She has been suspended from her job at Lockhart High School in Texas.

Lockhart Police Department

The mugshot was taken just hours after celebrating her birthday with her husband, but even still Fowlkes looks like she's having a great night. The police were notified about the inappropriate relationship because at the hand of a school administrator.

The 27-year-old is taking a lot of heat, not only for her alleged misconduct, but also because of her ear-to-ear grin. Does being arrested for a second-degree felony seem like something to be happy about?

According to her lawyer, Jason Nassour, says there's a really simple explanation to the smile.

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