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She Had No Idea That Her Idol Was Really Her Long Lost Sister

Jen Bricker was born without legs to a traditional Romanian couple. Her father made the decision to surrender her for adoption and she was taken in by her American parents, Sharon and Gerald Bricker of Hardinville, Illinois, soon after. Her biological parents never spoke of her again.

Growing up in America, Jen was drawn to gymnastics and wanted to be just like her idol, Dominique Moceanu, a Romanian American gymnast. At just 14 years-old, Moceanu was the youngest member of the 1996 Olympics team and excelled at the uneven bars, vault and floor routines.

"I saw myself in her," she tells Barcroft TV, "she was small, and I was small, she had the features like I did... as a child, I just related to her."

Just before Jen turned 16, she asked her mother about her biological family. As they sifted through a big folder of adoption papers, they realize that Jen's biological last name was Moceanu.

She knew immediately that her childhood idol, Dominique, was her biological sister.

The resemblance is uncanny between the two - and even more surprising are the physical similarities between Jen and their third sister, Christina.  What amazes the sisters is just how much Jen and Dominique have in common.

Although all three girls grew up in pursuit of gymnastics; it is the extroverted, driven, and competitive spirit that Jen shares with Dominique that surged them both forward in their craft.

"It just adds to the irony that we've lived these parallel lives - it just shows how strong our DNA is," said Jen.

Jen sent a letter to Dominique with copies of her adoption papers and soon after the three sisters met for the first time.

For the girls, their connection was obvious and soon they were talking candidly and comfortably with one another.

When she first met Jen, Christina told Psychology Today, "It felt as if we were picking up where we left off. We had five days together, and it felt so natural. We never ran out of things to say."

Today, the sisters live in different states, but the see eachother as often as they can. It would seem that destiny had a hand in bringing them together - if it hadn't been for the social worker who failed to remove the Moceanu name from Jen's file, they would likely never have met.

"It was destiny etched in stone," says Dominique, "there was no other traceable route."

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