Teen Born Without a Womb Shows She's No Less of a Woman

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Being a teenage girl is hard enough. Between talking about boys, hitting puberty and concerns about what you wear and how you look, there's a lot that girls are worrying about as they grow up. For Natasha Bishop, she has a whole other set of problems that would put it into perspective for most girls.

When she was 16, she learned that she would never have a period, bear children or have sex due to a rare syndrome that left her born without a womb or vagina.

When she was in boarding school at age 13,  Natasha Bishop of Gloucestershire, hadn't hit puberty yet. She heard all the girls talking about their periods and she was ashamed that she hadn't gotten hers yet. As time wore on and her period still hadn't come, she ended up lying to her classmates, teachers and her mom saying that she was getting her period like most girls her age.  

2 years later when she was 15, she had to go to the hospital because she had broken her hand. That's when she came clean to her mom. Like her, her mom thought nothing of it,and just assumed she was a late developer.

It wasn't until years later, she went to the doctor, because her period still hadn't come. After several medical experts couldn't understand where the problem was, she was sent for an ultrasound.

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