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She Was Fired For Online Shopping At Work

Dr. Thelma Geneva Fox was an IT teacher at the Longcroft School and Sixth Form College in East Yorkshire.

Recently, a National College for Teaching And Leadership panel found Dr. Fox guilty of bypassing the school's firewall so she could do some online shopping while at work.

Firewalls are used to block access to certain sites, or certain types of sites. They're most commonly used to limit access to sites that workplaces may deem 'inappropriate' or hindering to productivity.

Dr. Fox visited several online sites blocked by the school during work hours. She claims that she did not intentionally disrupt the security system, but that it was part of a device that synced her home computer settings with her work computer.

The educational panel found Dr. Fox guilty of unprofessional conduct and behavior which could have looked poorly upon the IT profession and the school.

"The panel has found that Dr. Fox engaged in conduct that had some potential to cause harm and failed to act as a role model," the panel said in a statement. "Although Dr. Fox's conduct was serious, the panel was clear that it was at the lower end of the spectrum of seriousness, albeit sufficient to give rise to a finding of unacceptable professional misconduct."

Dr. Fox apparently showed signs of remorse, but clearly not enough for the school to give her solely a warning.

Do you think the panel was justified to fire a teacher based on online shopping? Let us know in the comments!

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