She Was Shot In The Head, But The Reason Why Will Make You So Much Madder

Deserae Turner was shot in the head and left for dead by two teen boys in Utah. It's a heinous crime that made headlines around the state. The boys were arrested and one gave a horrifying reason why they did it.

She had sent too many Snapchats.

Deserae was friends with the two boys and used the popular social messaging app. One of the boys became annoyed at the frequency in which she sent messages.

Deserae Turner
Herald Journal

"It would be pretty easy to get rid of her," the other boy allegedly said.

The two hatched a plot to lure her to a nearby canal and cut her throat. One of the teens said he couldn't go through with that so they abandoned their plan. Days later they tried again, but brought a gun in case they couldn't work up the nerve.

She was shot in the head at close range. She never had any idea she was even bothering the two boys.

The night she didn't come home her parents called the police, a search was launched and she was found, grievously wounded by the canal.

The two were quickly arrested and face trial for attempted murder.

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