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Does Your Husband Work Long Hours In A Thankless Job? Then You'll Know Exactly How She Felt When She Sent This Text

If you're married to a man who works long hours, travels for his job or has to spend extended time away from home, you know how exhausting and frustrating it can be to feel like the "only parent" doing any of the work.

Katie Spence Pugh was exhausted. She was tired of being the only parent to chase the kids around, cook dinner, work a full time job, and keep up the home. She was irritated because it was planting season and her farmer husband was hardly home to help her with the work.

She texted her husband, Eugene, to tell him about her frustration, how fed up she was with how much she works and how much she has to do alone.

When he came home, she expected him to sit at the table, but instead, he fixed his own plate and sat alone in the kitchen.

As their daughter, Charlotte sat next to him chatting away and eating his dinner, he listened quietly. Katie realized in that single moment how difficult this must be for him too. Rather than complain about being hot, exhausted and probably sore, he shared and he listened.  Katie saw that he too worked in a thankless profession - Farming.

She understood how Eugene hard "works to uphold four generations of blood, sweat and tears," in an industry that we all take for granted every day. Although she still wishes that she could have more time with him, she gets to be with their children for three more hours than he does.

"So while I felt frustrated, I really should have felt thankful." Read her whole post below, don't forget to Like & Share!

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