She Was Told to Euthanize This Puppy, What She Did Instead Will Have You Reaching for the Kleenex

After being born via C-section into a littler of 9 puppies, this chocolate lab had another chance at life thanks to this vet tech.

After his birth, the vet tech was told to put him down because he had birth defect that would prevent him from behaving like a normal puppy and could be potentially fatal.

Reddit User KaffeKalle, had a different plan.  

"Knowing the sucker I was, another vet tech got the family to sign the puppy over and got me to foster the puppy.  Here is my chocolate shake and chocolate lab puppy," she says in a post on April 29, 2015, which just so happens to be her 30th birthday.

She didn't know how long the pup would survive because of his defect, since cleft pallets in puppies can cause them to not eat properly. But his new mom did everything she could to help him thrive.

"Depending on the severity of the cleft, and if it affects the hard or soft palate, puppies usually do not thrive.  The space in the roof of their mouth does not allow them to suckle properly, and they eventually die of starvation.  This little chocolate bean had no idea he had some bad genetics and latched quickly to his binky," she said in a post.

Tube feeding this little guy was a lot of work. The vet tech had committed to be up every 1-2 hours to make sure he got enough nourishment to survive.

"This became our ritual.  In the beginning, it was just small amounts of warm milk every 2 hours.  As he grew, it became a trial and error session of coming up with the perfect concoction of canned food that would go through the red tube easily.  After many tries, I mixed Iams Chicken and Rice canned pate with Esbilac, blended it, sieved out the sediment, and would syringe feed him.  The amount grew larger and larger and I had to eventually use a 60 cc syringe," she posted.

This handsome boy, now named Bronson after his mom's favorite Tom Hardy characters, is a hit at the office.

On April 29, 2016 Bronson was finally going to have the surgery to give him a normal puppy life.

"It was extremely nerve-wrecking the first weeks of healing since we didn't know if the tissue would dehisce or not. Luckily, he did fine," she wrote.

Now that the tissue is almost completely healed, he is able to play with toys, chew on raw hides, and do all the things our furry friends love to take part in. Pictured with his 12 year old sister Layla and his 10 year old Border Collie brother Harley, he is loving the new life that this wonderful woman made for him.

What would you have done if you were in her situation?

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