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She Fiercely Wears Every Word Everyone Ever Said About Her Body

It seems like everyone has a comment about the way we look. Whether positive or negative, we are still qualifying a woman's worth with the size and shape of her body.

Some compliments might be well meaning, while others are downright rude. This artist's dress challenges us all to think about how other people's opinion about our appearance, determines so much about our self esteem and identity.

We allow others to shape us, through their love and their hate. Until the day that the only opinion of ourselves that matters is our own.

When Jojo Oldham was younger, a well-meaning woman told her "not to worry about being a bit plump, (the) weight would fall off as (she) got older." Many of us have heard something like this and it does us no service.

Certainly, the sentiment is kind, but what she's actually saying is that a plump little girl isn't as attractive - or worthy of feeling beautiful - as a skinny one. Jojo went through her own journey of body acceptance and, now, the 31-year-old designer feels at peace with herself.

The UK artist says that she created the dress to reflect her journey - all the "good, bad and ugly" things that people have said about her body over the years. In her artist statement, she explains:

"The nasty things people have said about my appearance don't upset me anymore, but they have stuck with me, and they have definitely shaped the way I think about myself. I think it's a massive shame that we waste so much time thinking badly of ourselves and knocking each other down, when we could all collectively decide to end this madness once and for all."

Jojo, we think you're fabulous.

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