Shelter Cats Love Their Too-Tiny Beds

Shelter cats are often left with very little in the way of comfort.

Sure, the shelters themselves do what they can to provide the necessities, but over-crowding and under-funding can put a damper on things.

But one volunteer, Susan Schumann-Skehan, brought in five little beds that were very tiny (previously used for ferrets) so she just assumed the kittens could snuggle up on them.

She assumed wrong.

Within minutes of setting them down, all the big cats were curled up onto the tiny beds. Even Meatloaf, the 18lb cat, squeezed himself onto a bed.

The older, larger, shelter cats all hailed from difficult pasts, so these beds were an incredible joy and comfort to them. Even if it was a tight squeeze.

All of these cats are looking for fur-ever homes. If you are willing to adopt, you can check out their site here.

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