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Shelter Dogs Are Ready For Their Closeups After Man Learns To Groom Dogs To Help Them Find Homes

All dogs deserve a loving home. The poor little guys who end up at the shelter sometimes have had a rough life and need some help before they will be ready to adopt.

That's where Mark Imhof comes in. Mark realized that he was wasting his time in a soulless job and then his fiancée came up with a brilliant idea. She noticed that he was always so joyful when he was interacting with the animals they rescued, so she suggested he make a career change.

Sometimes the dogs that would arrive in the shelter would have long matted hair. Some of the dogs' hair was so bad, it would affect their personalities and make them more aggressive. Mark went back to school and learned how to groom dogs so he could volunteer his time at shelters, giving the all these dogs a second chance at a happy home.

By giving these dogs the makeover they so desperately needed, they were able to find a home. He has groomed over 200 dogs and has no plans on stopping.

Check out the heartwarming video below and if you are interested in helping out, give the shelters in your area a call and see what you can do to help animals.

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