Should You Stop Using Shampoo?

It may seem hard to believe if you use it everyday, but there's a growing movement of people who insist on cutting shampoo out of their morning routine.

The "no 'poo movement" - yes, they really call themselves that - argue that shampoo is bad for your hair and the environment, plus your hair will get better when you stop using "unnatural" products on it, but is any of that really true?

There are definitely lots of stories about people saying their hair improved when they gave up shampoo for good. Famously, a DJ from Australia got 500 of his listeners to dump it, and over a month later 86% said it had improved their hair.

But there's more than meets the eye with this trend!

It's true that Americans are a little shampoo crazy. On average, we use shampoo 3-5 times per week, which is twice as much as people in countries like Italy. But the effects of shampoo aren't as bad as some people say.

Shampoos are made to be gentle on your hair, so they don't have any real negative effects. Some people say that using shampoo makes your hair greasy, and your "natural oils" will balance out eventually if you stop using it, but that's not true.

"No 'poo" people also say that shampoo is bad for the environment, but shampoo ingredients are all safe. You'll definitely save a few plastic bottles if you stop buying it, but that's all.

Plus, a lot of the "natural" ingredients they suggest to replace shampoo can actually damage your hair even more. Baking soda, their #1 replacement, can make your hair even more brittle and dry than store-bought products. Vinegar isn't as bad, but if you use it, get used to having stinky hair.  

If you really want to get a healthier head of hair, their are a few common sense changes you can make.

Your hair is different than anybody else's, so if shampooing is making it dry out, feel free to cut back. And remember: shampoo is really for treating your scalp, not your hair. So rub a smaller amount into your roots to keep your hair healthy and your scalp clean.

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