Shoveling Snow Isn't So Bad When You're Riding a Hoverboard

Bill Gates famously said you should always give a hard job to a lazy person, because they're guaranteed to find the easiest way to do it.

This video shows how right he was, because there's no job harder than shoveling a huge driveway after a snowstorm, but this young boy managed to find an easy way to do it.

The jury is out on whether it's safe to ride a hoverboard on snowy pavement without a helmet, but Steve Scherer was supervising his son the whole time he taped this video, so we'll give him a pass. Check out this kid's amazing technique before you run out and buy your own hoverboard:

Source by ViralHog

You have to admit he does shave a lot of time off the job, but don't we make kids shovel the driveway because it builds character? How are they going to learn about hard work when they make it look so easy?

What do you think? Are you going to give this a try after the next big snowstorm?

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