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Sick Tortoise Gets His Own Lego Wheelchair

Some pet owners will do anything to make sure their animal companions can live life to the fullest. Iris Pleste, from Germany, went above and beyond to help her sick tortoise Blade walk again.

When Pleste noticed that Blade was barely moving, she took him to see veterinarian Dr. Carsten Plischke. It turned out Blade had a metabolic bone disease that weakened his muscles.

Luckily, Dr. Plischke came up with a novel solution to get Blade back on his feet.

Even though blade barely weighs a quarter pound, his weakened muscles couldn't hold up his own shell anymore, leaving him trapped in place.

By attaching a set of Lego wheels to the bottom of Blade's shell, Dr. Plischke took the strain off Blade's tiny legs. Now he can focus on the direction he wants to go in, and let the wheels do most of the work.

The Lego bases for the wheels are attached to Blade's shell using a glue that's safe for turtles, then the wheels are snapped on. Lego tires are made from real rubber, so it's just like giving Blade a set of car tires.

While Blade still moves pretty slowly, his tires help him move as fast as a regular turtle, and that's good enough for Pleste. Eventually, Blade's muscles will recover, and he'll learn to walk on his own again.

Until then, he probably doesn't mind being the slowest thing on three wheels.

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